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HermanF72 -> Autoreply on public folder not sending externally. (17.Jul.2017 2:35:53 AM)

Good day everybody,

We are using several public folders in our environment. With the upcoming vacations we would like to setup an auto reply to one of the public folders. We use Exchange 2013 with the latest roll-up installed.

We configured the public folder within Outlook 2016. We used te folder assistant to setup the auto reply on the public folder. All good so far. The following is true;
1. We can send to and from the public folder. Internally en externally users can mail to the public folder. Is working correct.
2. When we mail internally to the public folder, the auto reply is working correct.
3. When we mail outside the organization (externally) the auto reply is not send! HELP.

We used also the following to setup the auto reply:

What do we have to do that externally users also receive the auto reply message???

Kind regards,
Herman F.

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