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mwolfeTSS -> Get individual emails (7.Aug.2017 4:46:16 PM)

Here is our setup:

Email gets filtered through our internal mail filter
Emails going to users who have been migrated to Exchange Online get forwarded Exchange server

Here was the problem:

User came to me stating that they haven't received any email for a few hours. I did some testing, and sure enough, no email was going to her Inbox. Luckily she was able to at least send email. After some digging it looks like her forwarding SMTP address had been setup to forward email to her internal account, So what we think was happening is that the email was constantly getting forwarded between our internal mail server, and the Exchange server which is why she never received it. Once this particular issue was resolved we had to pull the email off our internal mail server and send them to the user.

With Exchange Online, is there a way to these kinds of emails that the server would have a copy of? I don't know what the process is called, so I'm having a difficult time in my Googling.

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