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iskijana -> Confirmation mail is 18-22MB (10.Jan.2018 12:11:26 PM)

Hello Everyone,
I have a rather interresting issue.
A sends a mail to B,c,D and asks for a confirmation. Everyone sends it back. B,C,D sent items folder contains the sent confirmation mail to A with the size of 16kb. When A receives it the confirmation mails are between 18-22MB in his mailbox. Tried to reproduce the issue with other user and could not. Only if user a requests for a confirmation, he gets back a 18-22MB mail. If that confirmation mail is forwarded to X,Y,Z all of them see the 16KB message.

No transport rules or anything defined on the Exchange 2013 environment, which could make this happen.

Do you have any idea what could be in the background?

Thanks for the help in advance

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