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brickhost -> A hostname conundrum (15.Feb.2018 11:23:07 AM)

I have a client with a windows domain that we inherited. Unfortunately it was setup using their actual company domain name i.e. abccompany.com. The domain controller is server.abccompany.com.

They are now using email accounts hosted on an external exchange server, which happens to have "server" as it's hostname (followed by the generic domain name).

They are having a lot of issues with printing, autocomplete addresses and opening attachments. I've narrowed it down to the stored credentials for Exchange seeming to have gone stale. As the moment they are deleted and re-entered the issues are resolved.

As a potential workaround I have now saved credentials for *.exchangeserverdomain.com which covers the server.exchangeserverdomain.com but the problems persist.

Could these issues be caused by the two identically named servers? One being their local domain controller which also holds some documents, and the other their actual exchange server? And if so, is there any solution or workaround I can put in place.

Or do I need to bite the bullet and rename one of the servers?

I have other clients, who have local domains, and use the same hosted exchange server without these issues.

Any help or insights are greatly appreciated. This one has me stumped!

brickhost -> RE: A hostname conundrum (5.Mar.2018 3:33:47 PM)

Setting up all of the client workstations to use *.domain name.com resolved this issue and the password prompts have disappeared. I'm not sure if this has resolved any DNS issues, but in the short term things are loading more easily for the end users.

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