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PiotrIr -> Copy or move folder to Public Folders denied. (9.Nov.2018 3:10:30 AM)


I have problem with public folder on Exchange 2013. The user has owner privileges on particular folders. He can create any sub folder and copy item to it from his mailbox. However when he tries to copy or move any whole folder from his mailbox (not root but sub folder from in-box from example), the folder is created in Public Folders but without any permission and no items inside are copied. The outlook shows error message:

"Cannot move or copy folders. Cannot move folder. A top-level folder cannot be moved to one of its subfolders. Or, you may not have appropriate permissions to the folder....."

I've tried to remove and add permissions again using power shell, didn't help. The same happens with newly created folder as well.

Can somebody advise me what to do with this?

Edwin009 -> RE: Copy or move folder to Public Folders denied. (22.Apr.2019 1:50:39 PM)

Check public folder path if it is in correct OU or not. Also, is it working from Outlook and/or OWA.

Ed |Tech Support Team
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