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johnm@psbc.org -> Upgrading to Exchange CU22 (4.Mar.2019 10:31:05 AM)

Hello, Don't post much but I exhausted the web for answers and I know this has to be a known problem. When I try to run the setup.exe to install exchange CU22, when I run the upgrade it references and Old CU21 when I'm upgrading and have the install pointed to CU22. It is looking for the upgrade in the bin folder: The Exchange Server setup operation didn't complete. More details can be found in ExchangeSetup.log. When I checked the log it pretty much reference as this the issue even though I'm installing it from c:\utils\EX_CU22

The Exchange Server setup operation didn't complete "File exchangeserver.msi does not exist in specified directory D:\Exchange2013\bin"

Edwin009 -> RE: Upgrading to Exchange CU22 (15.Apr.2019 2:52:18 PM)

You've ran into a setup bug. The first time you run setup you need to specify the target install directory. But if setup fails and you rerun, setup notices that the target directory has been set the previous time you ran setup and errors out. What it should do is check to see if the target directory being given matches what it remembers the target directory is from last time. If it's different it can error out, but if it's the same it should let things go. If you're running install a second time don't put the target directory, and setup will use what was specified the first time the command was run.

Please run the following command which /targetDir parameter is not included:

.\Setup.exe /mode:Install /role:Mailbox /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Ed |Tech Support Team

Edward009 -> RE: Upgrading to Exchange CU22 (8.May2019 3:49:26 PM)

Not sure, how he is installing. You might need more clarification. Though person has already exhausted troubleshooting.


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