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Edwin009 -> Removing Extra MDB (13.May2019 5:10:52 PM)

one of my client have a hybrid setup and since we are moving most of our mailboxes to EO. We decided to consolidate our mailboxes to a single MDB. I have moved our remaining on-prem mailbox to a single MDB and the remaining 4 MDB's has no more mailbox to them. What would be the safest way to remove the extra 4 databases? Does unmounting them from ECP and deleting them from there does the trick?

Appreciate your response.


Edward009 -> RE: Removing Extra MDB (14.May2019 9:35:22 AM)

Get-Mailbox -Database "MDB name"
Get-Mailbox -Database "MDB name" -PublicFolder
Get-Mailbox -Database "MDB name" -Arbitration

Make sure no result is found other move it to mailbox db that will be alive. Then remove the database either from ecp or shell.


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