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Guest -> New IP address on FE server causing problems (30.Dec.2004 2:42:00 PM)

We upgraded our internet connection and in doing so we had to give our FE server a new IP address. We changed the DNS entries on our Windows 2003 BE server (which also serves as our DNS server) and I changed all the entries on our firewall from the old address to the new address. The problem is that there are 4 Exchnage services that no longer start on the front end server, the MTA stacks, pop3, smtp and routing. Could this be caused by the system not receiveing the new MX records from the ISP's DNS server? I did an nslookup from the FE server and it's still getting the old IP address, as is the BE server, even after a ipconfig /flushdns. Or is there something else I should look at? I ran an MTAcheck utility on the front end server and it reported no errors. Thanks.


rytmehans -> RE: New IP address on FE server causing problems (1.Jan.2005 4:06:00 PM)


The services not starting has nothing to do with MX records. I would instead look at AD connectivity. Can the front-end server still access the domain controllers and receive the configuration information from here?

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