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PMSSpy -> Two Routing groups (17.May2005 6:24:00 AM)

We have:
1 server (SERVER-MS)
2 Mail Stores:
2) Internal_Mail
2 Routing groups
1) Main
2) Internal_Mail

How to assign some users to use specified Connector?

Brywithay4 -> RE: Two Routing groups (17.May2005 8:59:00 AM)


To assign a specific user or user group to a connector, open the Exchange System Manager, and browse through administrative groups to the Routing Group connectors. Right click the connector, and go into properties.

Select the Delivery Restrictions tab.

Select Rejected to reject messages from everyone.

Then add the user group with the users you wish to use this connector, by clicking add, and selecting the user group from the list.

Try and make a not of all the configuration changes you make so they can be easily changed back in case if a problem occurs. That should do it.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.


PMSSpy -> RE: Two Routing groups (19.May2005 5:10:00 AM)

well, now here's only one routing group.
What I made:
Connector allows evryone to send/receive mail
And what was made with SMTP:
Relay configured so, that users can send mail inside organization (user group Internal_Mail. checked Submit-Allow, Relay-Deny)
Access authentification configured so users can authorize with Basic identification and users from Internal_Mail group also can only send e-mail inside organization - relay denied.

But it works only for POP3 clients. If I would configure MS Exchange connection - it goes through with rules without blocking.

What's wrong?

Brywithay4 -> RE: Two Routing groups (19.May2005 7:59:00 AM)

Hi, not sure I follow whats going on. What is not working? The external email? Internal email? Or are the internal_mail users been able to send externally?


PMSSpy -> RE: Two Routing groups (19.May2005 8:20:00 AM)

my connector wouldn't apply restrictions rules to the MAPI-clients, but I found solution. Read the article - and don't miss link to microsoft Knowledge Base. The solution is - to modify registry.

Article -
KB -;en-us;Q277872

Thanks and good luck.

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