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da14 -> Two virtual SMTP servers (21.Jul.2005 4:28:00 AM)


I have an Exchange 2003 gateway server with two virtual servers.

There is only one NIC in the Exchange server, the NIC has been added two ip addresses.

The virtual servers have been assign separate ip address.

I now have a SMTP client (main frame that generates mails) that will send thousands of mails to the virtual server number 2.
The virtual server number 2 gets the mail but it sends/deliver it to the virtual server number 1, instead of deliver it to the SMTP connector.

I have two SMTP connectors that the virtual server number 2 can deliver to but it dos not, it delivers to virtual server number 1 an then virtual server number 1 deliver them to the SMTP connectors.

Sow all the mail from the main frame/SMTP client is coming out, but not on the right VS.

The reason for this setup is that virtual server number two dos not have any antivirus or spam scanning on, an I want to send all machine generated mail out whit out going through spam an virus scanning.

Hope that someone can help me THANKS.

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