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TrippingTech -> Can't save distribution list in public folder (31.Mar.2004 4:03:00 AM)

Hi all,

Having a few problems with exchange public folders and hope someone can help me out.
We use our public folders a fair bit and as such we have all type of folders in there.

The one we are having problems with is a contact list. When we try to create a distribution list in this folder we get the following error "The item could not be saved to this folder. The folder has been deleted or moved, or you do not have permission. Do you want to save a copy of it in the default folder for the item?".
Now if you hit yes, you end up with the distribution list in your personal contacts folder, and if you hit no it just cancels out.
Now I have checked that the folders are not at their size limit .. they are not even close. I am the owner of the folder yet I still get this error.

Now the funny part. We used to be able to make distributions lists in this folder as there are about 5 in there already. so what changed? Well no service packs have gone on and the only changes has been the install of office 2002 on some machines (it is a slow rollout process).

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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