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musicon -> Odd error message (5.Apr.2004 7:58:00 PM)

Whenever I try to connect to my Public Folder tree in Systme Manager, I get the following message after about 2 minutes. "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Facility: Win32. ID No.:c0072746. Exchange System Manager". I haven't been able to find any information at all referring to this error message.

I'm confused about what remote host it is talking about. I'm using Exchange Server 2003 on a Windows Server 2003 OS. I have viewable Public Folders within an Outlook Client, but on the server, I have no way of manipulating them. Is it possible the folders weren't created correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am totally lost on this issue.



davidjo62 -> RE: Odd error message (4.May2004 8:19:00 PM)


I am having the same problem.

Were you ever able to find a solution?



Guest -> RE: Odd error message (13.Jun.2004 12:12:00 AM)

Hi Eric,

I am having the same problem also. Has anyone found the root cause or a solution?




postmasternet -> RE: Odd error message (28.Jun.2004 3:43:00 PM)

Hi All

I have the same problem, running SBS2003 and posted a message to a microsoft forum, and got the following suggestions, it didn't work for me, but you might have some success....

>Do you have SSL installed? Please check the settings on
Default Web Site,
>properties, Directory security, Secure communications,
>Edit. Is "require client certificates" checked?
Select "ignore client
>certificates" and restart IIS

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on....

If I find anything else I will let you know....


postmasternet -> RE: Odd error message (28.Jun.2004 5:08:00 PM)

I have the answer (well it worked for me, and also fixed our outlook web access at the same time...)

First follow the following instructions...

- Default website. On the directory security tab, "ip address and domain..."
edit, check if you have some ip restrictions.
- Make sure SSL is removed from \Exadmin folder
- \Exadmin. On the directory security tab, "ip address and domain..." edit,
check if you have some ip restrictions.

Then follow these instructions, on the microsoft knowledge base...article 839744


Hope this helps you out.....


theruck -> RE: Odd error message (10.Aug.2005 8:14:00 AM)

same problem but your solution did not help at all

clayg -> RE: Odd error message (10.Jul.2007 2:14:54 PM)

I am experiencing the same problem.  I can not administer my public folders.  ACK!  In a related issue, when my clients try to add a bunch of recipeients from a public folder to an email message - the outlook client crashes.  I've tried reinstalling the client application clean.  All clients experience the same problem.

MY exadmin virtual directory in ISS did have SSL enabled, I tried disabling - no joy.
I didn't see any ip restrictions on the exadmin directory, or the default web site.
I tried to recreate the exadmin virtual server per kb id: 839744 - no joy.
Restarted ISS Admin / Web Publishing / Exchange Ssytem Attendent - exadmin was properly re-created - web access and such still work - but still can't access public folder properties.
Tried re-enabling SSL, still nothing.

Anyone ever get this fixed?

a.grogan -> RE: Odd error message (10.Jul.2007 3:43:55 PM)

Hiya, try the following (as always involves the registry so have a backup just in case),

Navigate to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeTransport\Parameters
and create a a REG_DWORD value called SkipPublicMDBRestriction and set it to 0x1 you will then need to restart the IIS and Exchange services.

Let me know how you get on,



clayg -> RE: Odd error message (10.Jul.2007 7:50:31 PM)


but it didn't work.  To confirm, when I browse to:
on the right I have a new entry with the follow attributes:
Value Name: SkipPublicMDBRestriction
Value Data: 1 *
Base: Hexadecimal

*I was assuming 0x1 translates to 0x00000001 and not 0x10000000 - am I right?

I restarted both the ISS Admin Service and Exchange System Attendant, then loaded the Exchange System Manager, browsed out to my public folders, right clicked, hit properties....

and it says:
"An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

...after about 3 minutes

I tried diabling SSL and removing the ip restrictions on the Exadmin virtual directory in ISS manager - restart services, same error. 

Also I want to note that my "local path" is \\.\backofficestorage not just \\backofficestorage (as suggested in the kb).  \\backofficestorage doesn't really make sense to me anyway, I assumed it was a typo?

I also have a few "distribution group" archives that have grown pretty large.  Is there a way to turn that off?  It was a dumb idea to turn it on in the first place, I should have known I'd never have time to clean them out.

Also FYI, I can create new folders from the outlook '03 client, and even bring up properties, but once a message is added and the folder shows up in the exchange system manager - I get the error.

Got anything else, I appreciate the suggestions!

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