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sara_971 -> Public folder - auto reply (9.Sep.2004 9:05:00 AM)


I hope that someone can hep me, we have a public folder they users can e-mail ro if they have a problem, if they e-mail they recieve an autoreply saying that we soon will take care of their problems. Some mails that arrive to this publicfolder shouldn't recieve this autoreply, they all have the same start of the subject line so it's not a problem to find theese e-mails, but I cant find a way just to let this mail stay in the publicfolder and not recieving any auto reply.

I hope this make some sence
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smeadynit -> RE: Public folder - auto reply (7.Oct.2004 2:48:00 PM)


I assume you are using the Folder Assistant. If so, create another rule to forward all messages that match the criteria to a junk mail repository (test mailbox, etc.) Select "Do not process subsequent rules" and make sure this is the first rule to fire off. You can setup a rule on the repo mailbox to auto-delete if you want.
I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but who has time to figure it out. :-)


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