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duckman148 -> Sending email directly to a printer (7.Feb.2005 4:42:00 PM)

We have a situation where we would like any emails received on a certain account to automatically be sent to a printer to be printed.

Currently, we have a workstation setup to do this, but it seems like a waste. Does anyone know of any software that could allow us to print all emails received in a public folder, etc.

That way we could remove the workstation and most user error from the situation. We are currently running Exchange 2000.

jkiran21 -> RE: Sending email directly to a printer (7.Apr.2005 12:21:00 PM)

I am not sure if there any setting in MS exchange where you can send mail to printer. But there are printers where you can set an email account on it & get all the mails printed coming to that particular email id.
(eg. Toshiba eStudio 16/20/25)

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