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ghirsch -> Microsoft fax service (win 2000) to PF (7.Apr.2005 9:32:00 PM)

Hi Guys,

I want to implement the Win 2K server fax service to share incoming fax in my office.
The service has an option to save incoming faxes in an Exchange mailbox, which works great.

Thing is, we use a Public folder for all incoming emails (it's a small business) and we want the Faxes to get there as well.
Since no notification is available for public folders, using the same folder for mail and fax is ideal - because this folder is being viewed most of the time.

Now, the problem is, rules won't work on the fax service items! i've been trying to add a rule to forware or copy the message to the PF, but Exchange simply ignores it!
Also, i think i've been able use a client-only rule which worked - but hey, I dont want Outlook running on my Exchange server!

Have anyone managed to get such a configuration working ? I really dont want to spend money on expensive fax solutions, as this service really seem to do all i need from it.

Any help will be appriciated!
Guy Hirsch "[Confused]"

B.T.W: Using Win2K Server (sp4) with Exchange 2003 std. sp1

spiffman -> RE: Microsoft fax service (win 2000) to PF (7.Apr.2005 9:38:00 PM)

This seems a little confusing in my mind, so I don't know if this will work. Try mail-enabling the public folder. Then forward the mailbox that the faxes are being delivered to on to the address of the public folder.

As I said, don't know if that will get around the rules that you are trying to set up. I didn't even know the rules wouldn't work.

Good luck!


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