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dwhyte -> Log Files (21.Aug.2003 12:42:00 AM)

Hi all,
I have a situation where an SBS exchange server has gained thousands of log
files in the MDBDATA folder.
The problem is that a full backup of the Information Store with NTBackup is
not clearing these files, nor is circular logging/stopping and starting the
Inf Store.
I am now running out of disk space every day for the last three days and
need a solution.
The public store cannot be mounted at all now.
There are no errors in the event logs and the Inf Store can be moved/mounted
and dismountes without issue.

Any help?

Dave Whyte

Henrik Walther -> RE: Log Files (21.Aug.2003 6:59:00 AM)

And when you say full backup of the information store, you in NT Backup checkmark the respective information store(s) on exchange level, not file level ?


ruwand -> RE: Log Files (21.Aug.2003 8:32:00 AM)


disable the circuler logging. Then bounce back the services. It should work.

Cheers !

dwhyte -> RE: Log Files (21.Aug.2003 1:08:00 PM)

Thanks guys,
Yes, I am doing a full NTbackup at Information Store level and not file level.
I enabled circular logging as per MS KB article to try to purge the log files. I have disabled circular logging and restarted the services, but the log files are still there.
Could my backup be not working?
It takes 15 minutes on a DDS 4 dat drive to backup my Inf Store.
The priv1.edb is 1.5gb and the log files add up to 18gb.
Does that sound OK.
How can I reinstall NTBackup with the Exchange awareness if that's the problem?



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