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Kuro -> Heeelp - Receiving mail lossing format (27.Aug.2003 7:33:00 PM)

Hi all,

First of all, excuse my bad English (it is not my mother language, I'm Spanish).

I have a trouble with my Exchange Server, but I cannot find it.

I have a Exchange Server (Win2K Server) with a mailbox per user, and several clients with Outlook 2000 (Win2K Pro).

Configuration is based in mailboxes (in Exchange), not in .pst files.

My users have different email addresses, prepared in their profiles (Control Panel / Mail / Services). Configuration is based for delivering incoming mails into Exchange mailbox.

All is working, but one thing: incoming mail losses format. If it comes with Rich Text, body appears empty (no way to read). If it comes with HTML format, no images appears (but their URL). If it comes from other user inside my organization, it does work, so I think that the problem is in incoming mail from Internet.

If I change profile, using Personal Folders (.pst), it works fine (incoming and outgoing mails). But I would like to avoid them, using just Exchange mailbox (for simplicity).

I think that misconfiguration is in Exchange Server, but I cannot find it. Some tests as "Global Configuration" or "Protocols / POP3" has not been succesfull.

Please, just some help?


PD: Comments about my English are appreciated!

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