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KennyBoy -> Information Store Service stops (4.Sep.2003 3:32:00 AM)


I have setup a new exchange server on a windows 2003 server. However, when i open outlook from another PC on the network to access a mailbox on the server, the information store service stops with the following error...

Event ID 1000
Source Microsoft Exchange Server
"Faulting application store.exe, version 6.5.6944.3, stamp 3ef3897f, faulting module nl_lsp.dll, version, stamp 3f26e556, debug? 0, fault address 0x00002170."

Have not been able to find anything on the web thus far.... any ideas??

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Henrik Walther -> RE: Information Store Service stops (4.Sep.2003 3:48:00 PM)

Hello KennyBoy,

That sounds like a corrupt Exchange 2003 installation, you might try to run setup.exe again, and then choose a Reinstall.


KennyBoy -> RE: Information Store Service stops (5.Sep.2003 2:38:00 AM)

Henrik thanks for the reply...

It was a brand new exchange installation so i've just gone for the complete uninstall and then new install, however no it wont complete the forest preparation, it seems to stop at the point where it configures registry entries for MS windows active directory schema update..... the setup application hasn't frozen as such, but will not go past this point...any ideas??

Henrik Walther -> RE: Information Store Service stops (5.Sep.2003 7:27:00 AM)

You're welcome [Big Grin]

Do you get any error messages when the ForestPrep stops ? Maybe some interesting events i the System/Applications logs...

You could try to run the ForestPrep on one of your Domain Controllers.


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