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treckmey -> Individual Mailbox Admin Archiving (18.Nov.2003 4:47:00 PM)

Is it possible to have a policy (server side) that will run and delete anything older than 1 year out of the end users mailbox (inbox, sent items, calender, tasks, appointments, etc).

We are in an environment that people want to keep everything for legal reasons. The users don't need to see things that are a year old they just need to know that in the eventuality of a malpractice suit that an admin can get to it. My thought is to do a semi annual backup that will be kept for 10 years and then have some process that runs and deletes anything older than 6 months out of the information store (users mailboxes).

Out of laziness or lack of knowledge the users will not do the deletion of items out of their own mailbox so I need a way to adminstratively doing this.

Is this possible?



CubanPete16 -> RE: Individual Mailbox Admin Archiving (20.Nov.2003 7:09:00 PM)

have you looked into the Aelita's Recovery Manager for Exchange?

It could help you solve the problem


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