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bobfogarty -> New mail stores corrupted? (16.Dec.2003 9:25:00 PM)

I am running exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition and have run out of space on my C drive. I created a secondary mailbox store on my D drive which has 80 gig free. I proceeded to move my mailbox over to the secondary store. Once the mailbox was moved I could not open up any of my emails. I moved the mailbox back to the original store and all is well. I created a testuser and set the mailbox for the secondary store. I was able to send an email from an external account to the new one on the secondary store but unable to read the contents. Anyone have any ideas?

Also is it safe to delete all the text files in the C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA folder. These are text files of exactly 5MB apiece and take up approximately 4 GB of space. I'm down to 500 meg free and have to do something rather quickly! Thanks!

wiscy -> RE: New mail stores corrupted? (18.Dec.2003 4:36:00 AM)

Those 5MB files are exchange transaction logs. When you do a FULL backup of the entire Information Store (not just a backups of all or some of the individual mailboxes) then the transaction logs are flushed.

Not sure about the other issue. What's your error when you try to open a message? Is it a security issue?

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