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s_atai -> how to restore (19.Dec.2003 8:11:00 AM)

Hi all,

I did exchange disaster recovery due some problem on our production exchange server and after I

restore exchange databases I couldn't mount the mailbox and public store. I did the following


1- install win2k advanced server
2- install win2k sp4
3- run dcpromo and install AD
4- restore the correct system state
5- install exchange with /disasterrecovry (didnot restart the server)
6- restore exchnage databases with these options : in system manager checked the "donot mount the

store at startup and this store must be overwritten with the restore process" and in ntbackup

checked the "last backup set and mount the database after restore"

but after successful restore I coulden't mount the store and also the exchange management service

didn't start then I restart the server but no use. I installed the exchangesp3 and restarted the

server now exchange management service started but the information store service didn't start and

as a result I couldn't mount the stores.

now I want to know is there another solution to restore exchange db?

It's very urgent plz let me know if u know anything else to recover the exchange information

store service and mount the stores?????

tanx in advance

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