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2dixon -> Eseutil Syntax error (24.Dec.2003 6:37:00 PM)

I am obviously overlooking something. I get this invalid usage error when trying to use eseutil from command line. Every time it bonks out with statement , " Options must be preceded by '-' or '/'." This happens with any eseutil switch I use such as /p , /r or whatever.

What am I doing wrong here that's very basic ? See this copy/paste.

C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /cc c:\"program files"\exchsrvr\mdbdata\pr

Usage Error: Invalid argument 'files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb'. Options must b
e preceded by '-' or '/'.

wiscy -> RE: Eseutil Syntax error (25.Dec.2003 8:47:00 PM)

This is just a case of eseutil being particular about spaces following the switch. In short - whenever there's a space, place your quotes around the entire path.

So after dismounting your store you'd run.

C:\Program files\Exchsrvr\BIN>eseutil /d "c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb"

to complete an offline defrag.

Note: I haven't used the /cc option from your example. It appears to want a path to a restore file (and not to the database).

Here's an MS link for common options:;en-us;192185&Product=exchange

2dixon -> RE: Eseutil Syntax error (25.Dec.2003 11:44:00 PM)


Many thanks. Now that I think back, what you say rings true. I have not done a message store crash recovery in over ten months. Easy for me to forget little details like syntax.

eseutil and isinteg can be VERY particular, as you said. But I have yet to find the documentation detailed enough to give all the tiny
ideosencracies of these two utilities. If you know of one, please repsond and let me know.

I'll give it a shot now, Jeff.

Thanks again

2dixon -> RE: Eseutil Syntax error (26.Dec.2003 4:37:00 AM)


It worked fine. Many thanks. After several runs though of the eseutil /p with correct syntax I finally got the stores mounted.

Appreciate the help.

2dixon -> RE: Eseutil Syntax error (26.Dec.2003 10:47:00 PM)


Now that the stores are mounted again, I posted this (in Exchange 2000 where this should have been all along) :

Just ran eseutil and isinteg on my mail stores which had crashed. Got them both to mount after much effort.

Now in Outlook on the Win2k workstation the folders are empty. Obviously not reading the priv1.edb ( 40 meg) and pub1.edb ( 5 meg).

Outlook is set for Corporate/Workgroup.

Is this a matter of different profile name than I had before the crash? Not sure it is different but it might be.


Shoot, I thought Outlook would find the stores and drag all those messages and pub1.edb stuff back in but it did not happen.

Where next?


wiscy -> RE: Eseutil Syntax error (27.Dec.2003 7:31:00 AM)

Outlook profile needs to know the user mailbox and server name. So from there you can't designate which store to use. When the user is created in AD U&C the group and store names are designated. Finally, in System Manager the name of the store is mapped to the edb file on the Database tab of the store properties.

So you might check to make sure your store is still pointing to the right edb file in System Manager, Mailbox Store properties, Database tab.

Also while in System Manager (ESM) you can expand your mailbox store, mailboxes and view the size and number of mail items per mailbox to make sure your data is still there.

If it appears ok then add a new Outlook profile for your user or a different user.

If it doesn't then you'll have to restore your data from backup now that your store is intact again.

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