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futurescapetech -> restoring exch2003 mail to exch2003 server (10.Feb.2005 6:58:00 PM)

Hi All,

Need urgent help...

I installed the latest version Windows SBS 2003 a week ago and the server crashed
yesterday. I have now reinstalled the server from scratch all over again. But I want to recover the users email from the full backup I did of the server.

I have restored the exchange files to another directory on this server and want to import the users mail back into the same version of exchange 2003.

Will this articles instructions be the same to do this import or is there a better method? If there is an article on the web that describes this in detail please send me the url as I am a junior manager.

Please respond asap...

Thanks for the help,

Henrik Walther -> RE: restoring exch2003 mail to exch2003 server (10.Feb.2005 7:49:00 PM)

I also answered your email regarding this...

futurescapetech -> RE: restoring exch2003 mail to exch2003 server (10.Feb.2005 8:43:00 PM)


Thanks alot for the quick response as I desperately needed help. I actually did a backup of Exchange while all the services where running using a backup program called BackupGenie. Will this be an issue?

Is the recovery storage group my only choice or can I just simply copy the log files and database files from the backup and overwrite the new ones?

If I use your method (RSG), do i just simply move the emails from one storage group to the main one using this method in this url?

Moving a Database by Copying Files:

Also looking at your instructions, where it says:

To add the database we should:

- Righclick on the Recovery Storage Group object
- Choose Add Databases to RecoverÓ
- Highlight the Mailbox Store (the one to be restored)

Will it allow me to choose the directory where I did my restore so that I can choose the database to recover?



Here are other interesting methods that I could use right?;en-us;821915;en-us;823176

futurescapetech -> RE: restoring exch2003 mail to exch2003 server (10.Feb.2005 10:16:00 PM)

Also, will the RSG work only if restored a database on a running server and not on a completely restored one?

I was told by someone else that I will not be able to use the RSG method from a backup that was done on a live server (which I didnt stop the services?)


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