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zornik -> MSExchangeIS do not start (7.Mar.2005 5:03:00 PM)


I did install an MS Exchange Server 2003 SBS Dutch
Everyting did work nice, untill i restarted the server because i changed the TCP port 3389 for Remote Desktop. (nothing serious)

When the server reboot's it takes about 50 min untill he's started again. and exchange doesn't work any more ! all the Email's (about 6000, of 5 employ's), are in the server, and i cant connect any more, even Outlook web interface.

I disabled all MSExchange services in Safe mode, and now the server starts normaly (about 2min). so i tried to start every msexchange service manualy. but MSExchangeIS w'ont start any more !

does any one now an answer ????????
sorry for my english,

steven, -> RE: MSExchangeIS do not start (9.Mar.2005 11:17:00 AM)

The first thing i would do would be to roll back the change you just did, no matter how unrelated it may be (and I agree, it doesn't strike me as something that would be related)

Then, after the reboot you need to look in the logs and see what events you are getting and then post them here.

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