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rn0rd0 -> Size of mailbox store in deceiving (2.May2005 10:48:00 PM)

Hello all,
I have a dilema.....
I have recently gone through the pain staking process of learning about the 16gb limit with exchange 2000 mailbox store. Yeah I learned the hard email for a day, pulling my hair out and crying for my mommy. Anyway, Now that I have decreased the size of some of my users mailboxes, I am back up and running. However, the size of my priv1.edb, and priv1.stm files have not changed at all ( I deleted almost 6 gb of old messages). So, I can tell that I decreased the mailbox size by looking at the individual mailboxes in the system manager, but the edb and stm files still show the same....... what am I missing here? Go ahead and fire with both barrels....I know I'm in way over my head here!

rytmehans -> RE: Size of mailbox store in deceiving (2.May2005 11:02:00 PM)


Exchange databases does not shrink automatically. When you delete mailboxes or mails (and after deleted retention time runs out) more free space is available inside the database. To actually shrink the database you will need to run eseutil

Look for event 1221 before running eseutil. This event will tell you how much space can be gained.

rn0rd0 -> RE: Size of mailbox store in deceiving (2.May2005 11:18:00 PM)

Ok, thank you very much

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