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kozo -> Event ID 1016 (9.Jun.2000 1:38:00 PM)

We often see Event ID 1016 in Application Log - Source/ MSExchange IS Private, Type / Sucess Audit, Category / Logon
NT User Domain-Name\User-Name logged on to Domain-Name, User-Name, and is not the primary Windows NT account on this mailbox.
Everything is working OK.
Does anybody know what this Even means ?

Lorna -> RE: Event ID 1016 (9.Jun.2000 1:42:00 PM)

An account has accessed a mailbox and that account is not the designated primary NT account for the mailbox. If you give me permissions to access your Inbox and I do so you will see an event logged that effect.

Some application service accounts produce these messages, such as Unified Messenger and ScanMail for Exchange.

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