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warbear_ng -> Purging Problem - EX2K (18.Aug.2005 8:43:00 AM)

Hey people, hopefully a newbie to your forums is allowed to ask questions right off the bat, it's either I do this and hopefully get an answer - or go made, kill my hamster by throwing bumble bees at it from across the room. Course Harry is imaginary, so it is going to be very hard to do, but I will do it...

Anyway, the problem is this. I have a 2000 AD and EX network. The 16gb limis is being reached, and we need to do some cleanup, but one of the parts of this cleanup is the removing of accounts from the server, and purging old email.

What is happening is that I have deleted users form the AD, and they are not going from the exchange server - so there is a mailbox in the store, but nothing connected to it.

The deletion rule is turned off, so it SHOULD be going.

The thing is - all the PURGE options are greyed out, for everyone. I can't purge an account out of the system, and I don't know how to fix it. I did some work today, and I need to get it done to make space, because till now, some users have been storing everything - and I mean EVERYTHING in their email. I work for a printing company, so all the graphics attached to some emails are huge.

But we are getting things in place to fix that from happening in the future, I need to right now though fix this problem.

How do I purge the unwanted email with no connection account(s) in the AD and how do I get the purge option to work?

Please help save my imaginery hamster!

bej -> RE: Purging Problem - EX2K (18.Aug.2005 9:05:00 AM)

Did you run Cleanup Agent?

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