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nabes -> Removing old Anti-virus software. (19.Jun.2000 8:42:00 PM)

I have recently purchased NAI Groupshield for our exchange server but it will not install. I suspect that the presence of an old AV program called nemx is causing the problem, and I don't seem to be able to fully remove it from the system.

I have removed it from Add/Remove programs. Stopped the nemx services from running, and deleted all occurances of nemx from the registry. I have also deleted the references to nemx from the exchange administrator by using RAW mode.

The reason I know it is still there is that when you double-click on a mailbox in the administrator it comes up with an error advising:

"Extension 'NMXXSPCT' could not be loaded. The extension for Microsoft Exchange Administrator's CPU type has not been installed in the site. ID no: c1031667."

Can anyone help with removing nemx, I have been intouch with nemx but they have not been much help.


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