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Seesaw -> X400 Broken (11.Dec.2000 7:37:00 AM)


Here is my problem. Almost once in a week a get an message telling me that an error occured with my X400 Connector. No Way that I can make it up again apart reinstalling EXCHANGE.
Someone have an idea?? Can it be hardware, software, frame relay ???
Let me know.


Postman Pat -> RE: X400 Broken (11.Dec.2000 9:06:00 AM)

What software versions are you using?
How is the connector configured?
What is the error message?
What have you tried to fix it other than re-installing?


Seesaw -> RE: X400 Broken (11.Dec.2000 10:01:00 AM)

Exchange 5.5 SP3
NT 4SP 5

It was in fact an NT error message.
Usual config. I tried to reboot and then last known good config, same probs. delte and reinstall the connector, same probs..

Anyway thanks

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