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AndrewM -> Duplicate entries in GAL (13.Dec.2000 9:33:00 AM)

I have 4 Exchange servers in 4 different sites. One of the sites is showing the 'Distribution Lists' container from another of the sites twice. This results in all of the DL's in that container showing up twice in their GAL.

This only happens at that one site, the others are all ok.

Postman Pat -> RE: Duplicate entries in GAL (14.Dec.2000 10:21:00 AM)

Got ot the dir rep connector/sites tab on the site where the duplicates are. Select the site where the container lives and do "Update Now", select refresh ALL items. Wait for this to complete, I mean the dir rep not the little status dialogue.

If that fails, you could run Knowledge Consistency Checker, but I'm sure there could be side effects to this, just can't remember them at present.

Or you could remove the Dir Rep connector, wait for all instances to go, then re-create it.


Lorna -> RE: Duplicate entries in GAL (15.Dec.2000 1:09:00 PM)

I have a duplicate DL left in one server's directory that I can't get rid of. This is one server in an 9 server site. The bridgehead has correct directory information. I updated the directory on the problem server refreshing all items and ran the KCC but it's still there.

I hate to remove the directory replication connector because it will effect 9 locations

Any suggestions?

Postman Pat -> RE: Duplicate entries in GAL (18.Dec.2000 12:38:00 PM)


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