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domvee -> 2 Domains / ! Exchange Server (15.Jan.2001 7:50:00 AM)

We currently have 2 internet domains - www.comapny1.com and www.company2.co.uk and for each domain we have POP3 mailboxes. On the first domain the exchange server dials into our ISP, retrieves email and then distributes to the appropriate email accounts within the company.
I am trying to setup the second domain on the exchange server so that it can, again, dial into the ISP, retrieve mail and then forward to select employees (whom I had added extra smtp email addressses to).

Basically what I have done so far is:

1) Create new dial-up networking entry for new mailbox
2) Added this to the IMS, set retrieval schedule and logon info.
3) Set message delivery under the connections tab of the IMS
4) Added the new domain to the routing table and configured it to route to the existing domain.
5) Added extra smtp email addresses to existing recipients to accommodate the new domain.

This doesn't seem to be working! Is there something I should be doing that I am not? Is there something that I am doing that I shouldn't be doing?
I keep hearing about MX records / Message Exchange Records but cannot (knowingly) happen upon them within Exchange Administrator!

Hope you can help

Dominic Vieceli
Network Support Analyst

dneumann -> RE: 2 Domains / ! Exchange Server (24.Jan.2001 8:57:00 AM)

MX Records are DNS entries that need to be adjusted to point to your mail server.

You should do a lookup on your domain to find out who has the authority to modify these records. For the US it is http://rs.internic.net and use the whois function. This information will direct you to the person who has the authority to modify records for your domain name. Your authorized person will submit a request to modify your DNS records to the ISP hosting your domain.

MX records are not the only entry you need to modify. You will also probably need to modify or enter an "A" (address) record for the server itself.

domainname.com MX Preference = 5, Mail Exchanger = servername.domainname.com

domainname.com internet address =

substitute your domain name where applicable and substitue your servers IP address where applicable.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a good resource on using the MS Exchange Internet Mail Connector, you should procure the book by Spyros Sakellariadis. It's great.


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