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CapeECapt -> Incomplete account deletion (27.Jun.2001 7:46:00 PM)

We have a two site, two server system. We had a very strange problem with an account and opted to delete the account and set it up again. The exchange admin went to the site/server store and deleted the account, then set up a duplicate account. After this action, the user could not receive external (SMTP) email- senders received a message that the message was sent to an ambiguous account. Upon further review, it appeared that the account was never deleted from the distant site/server, and the new account was there as well. We can not delete either account on the remote site/server (the delete option is greyed out), and the remote site admin can not delete the account either. We would like to be able to delete the account and start fresh for that user without assigning a new SMTP address. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

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