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Guest -> IP address change - affected inbound mail (13.Aug.2001 8:55:00 PM)

I have Exchange 5.5 with SP4 running on an NT box with SP6a

All Exchange services appear to be running OK.

I can send out external mail through the IMC, but can't
receive any at all.

NO errors have been generated in the event log and there
are no messages stuck in any queues (in or outbound)

Any ideas?

The only major change made in the last few days is the
change of our external IP address block. Does this need
updating somewhere? If so, where?

All changes have been made at our firewall so mail
requests are still forwarded to the mailserver, but I
don't think our domain mail is getting that far. SMTP is
still getting through the firewall OK as I also have the
account details for my other work account (Contractor) on
this laptop. I am receiving mail on that fine.

As usual, this is urgent as every one is on my back!

I am sure it is the external IP address changr, but I do not know where to make the changes.

Guest -> RE: IP address change - affected inbound mail (14.Aug.2001 2:23:00 AM)

Have you check the DNS entries? Does the entries point to your new IPs?

cmitchell -> RE: IP address change - affected inbound mail (15.Aug.2001 10:54:00 PM)

It's definitely a DNS issue! Contact your ISP and have your MX record changed to your new address. Good luck.

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