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Tintin -> X.400 conector question (17.May2002 2:37:00 PM)

Hi all!

This is maybee a rather esay qustion but her it comes anyway.


1. Stockholm Exchservr 5.5(sp4),IMC, 2 x.400 connections to London office and Paris.

2. London & Paris Office is now closed and the Exchange servers in not accessible.

3. All server was in the same org but with diffrent site names.

My question?
How do i manage to delete the X.400 connectors on the Stockholm server, when i try to do that now i get a error msg:
"The x.400 connector (Paris) cannot be delated because it is the only connector providing mail connectivity from the local site to the replicated site (Stockholm)"

Is there a way to delete X.400 connectors whitout access to the other Exchange servers?

I know how to do to delete the name in the dropdown menu in Exchange admin (via registry) but not the x.400 connectors.

Best regards!


DaDougInc -> RE: X.400 conector question (18.May2002 12:25:00 AM)

You have to delete the Directory Replication Connector to London first and let that replicate (about 4 - 24 hours). You will then notice that the London site is not listed in your exchange Admin program. Then you can easily remove the X.400 connector.

You cannot delete a connector that the server is using for Directory Replication.

Tintin -> RE: X.400 conector question (21.May2002 2:18:00 PM)


Now is the x.400 connections to Paris & London office history.

Cheers mate!

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