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loughman -> Forwarding mail to a distribution list (2.Oct.2002 2:53:00 PM)

Hi Folks,
New at this, so bare with me.
I have setup a user ( in Exchange 5.5 that I need to forward all mail to that user to a distribution list (Aorders). Now how do I go about this ? any pointers ? I have added the auser to the Aorders DL already and have read all the help topics but nothing seems to point me in the right direction. So any help would be great. Thanks L oughman

Hawkeye_820 -> RE: Forwarding mail to a distribution list (2.Oct.2002 6:00:00 PM)

If I understand what you want to do then I think you're going about this all wrong.
It seems like you want members of a DL to receive Internet e-mail.
If this is the case then the way you have it set up is incorrect.
By adding auser to the DL and then forwarding auser's mail to the same DL you would cause a loop.

If you check the properties of the DL in Exchange and look under e-mail addresses you should see an Internet address there which can be used to send to all members of the list (or you can add an address by clicking New... Internet Address)

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