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Guest -> old .ost file (16.Dec.2003 4:12:00 PM)

I used a restore utility to restore my C: drive to the state of 5 days ago. When I open Outlook it complains that my .ost file is old. it asks me to delete the local .ost file and create a new ost file on server. My question is:

1. where is my .ost file located? (I used default setup)
2. how do I create a new .ost file on server for my emailbox?

To fix the problem I deleted the Microsoft Exchange Server service from outlook, re-created it, but during re-creation I can't even connect to the exchange server at all! (i.e., the "Check Name" hangs)

Your help is highly appreciated!


HybridTheory -> RE: old .ost file (16.Dec.2003 4:16:00 PM)

If "Check Name" hangs, you may want to look into connectivity issues with your exchange server.

zbnet -> RE: old .ost file (16.Dec.2003 4:47:00 PM)

You can find the OST by dearching all local hard drive for *.ost (this is where it is stored, not on the server).

An ost is part of the profile. Delete the profile,and the ost is unopenable. Blow it away and a new one will be created the next time you try and synchronise. If you had unsent email, it's gone for good if you've deleted the profile.

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