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Tekniques -> Trouble sending mail to 1 domain after Migration (5.May2004 3:01:00 AM)

We performed a migration from Exchange 2000 (running on SBS 2000) to a new Exchange 2003 box.

This was the scenario :

The company was running SBS 2000 and had 2 different company entities (A and B) running off the 1 Exchange box. Each company had their own email address :

* & *

Company B decided to break away and implement their own network and mail system so they Exmerged all their mailboxes off Company A's Exchange box and deleted all user accounts in AD.

We then performed the migration to Exchange 2003 for Company A and all went well. The issue we have now is that when Company A tries to send email (now considered external mail) to Company B, they get an NDR 5.1.1 from their own Exchange box saying the mailbox does not exist.

Company A's Exchange box still thinks it's responsible for delivering Company B's mail locally and so the mail destined for Company B never leaves Company A's Exchange 2003 Server.

I have searched through System Manager and found nothing. I have even gone into ADSI Edit and could not find references to the company B domain anywhere. What to do ?

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