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ppadilla -> Forestprep fails (27.May2004 1:28:00 AM)

For my lab I began with a 2K DC that was totally synch'd with the live network. Made it a Global Catalog. Took it offline and brought it back up in an isolated network. Then I seized all of the FSMO roles. Reproduced our Exchange server and restored from an offline backup. Everything works in AD, Exchange, GAL, DNS.

Forest prep fails with the "You Do Not Have Permission to Update the Active Directory Schema or the Directory may be too busy" message. I verified that the account I'm logged in with has-

Enterprise Administrator
Schema Administrator
Domain Administrator
Local administrator on the 2K3 server as well as the NT/5.5 server.

Followed MS articles re: registry schema update allowed (per KB216060). Remote Registry Service is running on the DC (per KB274196)

Thanks for any help

ppadilla -> RE: Forestprep fails (28.May2004 1:02:00 AM) past that point. (lucky for me this is the test lab) I found that I had to use NTDSUTIL to manually remove the references to my other two 2K DCs from the live environment.

Now I'm having a problem where the Mailbox Resource wizard is failing to connect to my exchange server. I've checked that the LDAP port matches and ping -a returns the correct domain name. I've seen some references of people having to bring up an additional DC to correct the problem.

Any thoughts?


ppadilla -> RE: Forestprep fails (7.Jun.2004 5:11:00 PM)

2K native mode domain. 2DCs 1 5.5/NT 4.0 member server. Single site.

Deployment tools seem to run OK until this point. I do have one error about invalid characters (comma and a period) in the organization name in the orgnamecheck.log.

The Information Store is live and I can connect with an Outlook client as well as SMTP.

DNS is working correctly and can resolve all the pertenent names in both directions.

Exchange port is set to 390 to match LDAP on the 5.5 server. Netstat verifies that port 390 is listening.

Gcvercheck verifies that the Global Catalog is available.

Dsconfigsum.log lists my 5.5 server, the public store server name and IMS

Related Services running:
Directory Replicator, MS Exch Directory, MS Exch Directory Synch, MS Exch Event Service, MS Exch Info Store, MS Exch IMS, MS Exch MTA, MS Exchange System Attendant

The Admin account I'm logged in with has Domain, Enterprise, Schema, and local admin privelages.
ADC contacts the 5.5 machine and identifies 3 accounts with multiple mailboxes to mark as resource mailboxes.

Credentials set and verify, but when the wizard runs it immediately finishes and the dialogue box lists the error message to check. "<code>OX00000B5</code> Could not bind to the Microsoft Exchange Directory server EXCHANGE1. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer does not respond."

[Confused] Is this realated to the invalid characters in the Org name? I seem to be able to contact the 5.5 server in every other way.

Am I going to be forced to Exmerge and recreate everyone's rules, etc. ?


ppadilla -> RE: Forestprep fails (10.Jun.2004 6:10:00 PM)

Still can't get ADC to connect. I'm just about ready to blow away Exchange and start over.

Anybody, please....? Usually I don't mind talking to myself, but.....

Lassi -> RE: Forestprep fails (10.Jun.2004 7:05:00 PM)

Do your admin account have blanc password?


ppadilla -> RE: Forestprep fails (10.Jun.2004 7:34:00 PM)

Hello Lassi,

No, the password is not blank. I have used the same domain administrator's password for all of these operations as well as normal account creation. I have no problems logging in in any other way.

Thanks for the thought.

Randy Temple -> RE: Forestprep fails (10.Jun.2004 7:45:00 PM)

Check out this article. It seems you may have a problem with your security dll's on your nt4 machine

ppadilla -> RE: Forestprep fails (10.Jun.2004 10:23:00 PM)


Thanks Randy!

To my shame, I had seen this article early on and I misunderstood it to say that it only applied to a 2000 server. I made sure the DLLs matched in version by extracting from the service pack. 128bit doesn't matter on this machine because it's being retired.

Thanks again. [Big Grin]

Randy Temple -> RE: Forestprep fails (11.Jun.2004 6:59:00 PM)

No problem glad i could help.

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