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kurzundknapp -> EXMERGE and the Active Directory Connector... (27.May2004 8:22:00 PM)

Following situation:

Exchange 2000 / Many Sites / Mixed Mode

One user is moving to another location. I want to get his mailbox to the exchange server of the new location. So far so good.

His source mailbox currently is on a legacy Exchange 5.5 server. The target is a Exchange 2000 server in a different site / administrative group.

His AD user object is already mailbox enabled so I can just move it to another OU without problems since it is the same AD domain.

Because we are in mixed mode, I can not just move his mailbox to the E2K server and afterwards move the mailbox to the other adminsitrative group. I have to do this on legacy 5.5 site with EXMERGE.

But, exmerge can not create new mailboxes. So I must create a new mailbox on the target 5.5 server. Now I am asking if our Active Directory Connector would recognize this new mailbox and attach it to the right mailbox-enabled user?!? I do not want to create a new user object because of all the data I would manually type in there (address, name, account, permissions a.s.o) (I know I am a lazy dog ;-))

Any idea?

Thanx in advance...

kurzundknapp -> RE: EXMERGE and the Active Directory Connector... (27.May2004 8:23:00 PM)

Oh sorry... posted it in the wrong Message Board..

This one is for the "Exchange 2000 Migration" board...

Admin PLZ move... thx...

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