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xfirenz -> new Exchange 2003 Server (18.Jun.2004 12:45:00 AM)

We are moving over to a new exchange server 2003, we won't be shifing any of the data across because all the users have backed up pst files and will import them in at a later process.

We have had the new server 2003 working with our old server 2000 for over the last few weeks and both communcate with each otehr ok and no issues.

My plan and correct me if I am wrong is to remove our old 5.5 exchange server and setup the new 2003 server to use exchange 2003 in the domain.

My question is will installing a fresh copy of exchange 2003 pickup from the active directory all the old mailboxe information or will I have to go though the process of manually adding each mailbox to the new exchange server. Any ideas?

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