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SimonJackson -> unable to reply to old mails... (30.Jun.2004 9:26:00 PM)

I have a question for those of you looking after a migrated 55 to 2003 system that has not been upgraded.

I have been told that when a user has been migrated to 2003 they can no longer reply to old messages from non migrated users.

Is this true? Apparently, it is because the Outlook client doesn't resolve the addresses again and so the mail address is set to an old 5.5 RDN. Is this so, or have I been sold a pup?

If it is can anyone suggest a workaround.

I have ben told that there are KB's on this but cannot find anything.


Henrik Walther -> RE: unable to reply to old mails... (30.Jun.2004 9:50:00 PM)

I replied in the Exchange 2003 General board, where you also posted this question.

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