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cpettey -> Unsupported characters when joining E2003 to 5.5 site (2.Jul.2004 6:23:00 PM)

In our lab we had 2 NT 40 domains and Exchange 5.5 installed on each. Each NT 4.0 domain have a 2 way trust and both of the 5.5 servers are in the same ORG, different SITE, with a Site connector and DR connector between them.

When we ran the wizard we saw errors in "orgnamecheck" talking about unsupported characters in the SITE or ORG display name. We first placed the admin in raw mode and checked all the objects and it looked fine, when then changed the name of the ORG and SITE display name "no luck"

I then got this idea to remove the DR connector and after the update removed the Site connector, and everything functioned and allowed me to install 2003 into the 5.5 site.

Not sure why this problem

To test, we rebuilt the entire lab again running 2000AD server in Native mode, two 5.5 servers on top of NT4.0 PDC's. Same errors above until I broke the SITE and DR connector between the 2 5.5 sites



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