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madferret -> X400 Connectors to Exchange 2003 (3.Aug.2004 2:45:00 PM)

I have 20 seperate NT sites in a single organisation, the it one server acting as a replication Hub server etc, all sites connect to this one for mail routing.
I am testing as migration procedure as we are moving to single 2003 domain at present aswell.
The problem i have is that after setting up the ADC, when i install a Exchange 2003 box into an existing site i wan to mail to route via the 2003 box, so i remove the conector on put the x400 connector back in pointing to the hub server, but mail will not route it just queues. Telling me the destination server did not respond..
Does anyone know of anywhere i can get some good info about this prt of the migration process.

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