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jmant -> Simple Mailbox copy between 5.5 & 2003 (4.Aug.2004 6:02:00 PM)

I have an existing NT4 domain with a PDC and a BDC/Exchange 5.5 server. The domain name is ABC. This domain is being replaced by a new 2003 Domain called ABC). The new domain will also have two servers. They will have the same names as the original servers when everything is said and done. Since there are not that many users I would like to export the mailboxes from the 5.5 server into PST files using a util like EXmerge. Then copy the PSTs over to the new Exchange mailboxes that will have been already created. My question is: Will the 2003 Exmerge tool accomplish this? Do I have to join the Exchange 2003 server to the NT domain to export the 5.5 mailboxes over? Will I be able to import the PSTs into pre-created mailboxes on the Exchange 2003 server?

rytmehans -> RE: Simple Mailbox copy between 5.5 & 2003 (18.Aug.2004 3:15:00 PM)


Yes, you can use exmerge to export exchange 5.5 mailboxes to exchange 2003 mailboxes.

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