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souvuelle -> Which server is right for me? (3.Jan.2005 11:25:00 PM)

Is there a tool out there that will tell you based on e-mail usage and network load, what kind of server hardware I need to run a new exchange server effectively? We're in the process of moving our exchange off of the small business, do-it-all server onto a dedicated exchange server and I don't have the slightest idea what a dedicated exchange server needs hardware-wise

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Which server is right for me? (11.Jan.2005 1:54:00 PM)

Not that I know of and if I did I might not tell you since that kind of knowledge is what pays my mortgage ;-)
Give us some details on your throughput, users, user profile etc. and if you're a ProLiant house I might even throw a model number and spec together for you.

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