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pugazhendhi -> site connectors (19.Mar.2005 10:18:00 AM)

We are in the process of EX 5.5 To Ex 2003 migration. I configured ADC Between Ex5.5 servers and Ex 2003. I installed Ex 2003 in the same site of EX 5.5. There are also some Ex 5.5 servers in the other site. I moved the mail box and public folder from the Ex 5.5 to EX 2003.Also i moved system folders, site folders and Routing calution server to new Ex 2003 server. Now i replaced the site connector, which configured for connecting Ex 5.5 servers in other sites with Rgc connector.

I configured RGC connector with same configuration as of site connector but the only difference is.. i specified my EX 2003 server as bridgehead server. Then i remove the site connector. once remove the site connector the mail flow is completely stopped between the sites.

simply asking how do i replace my site connector?

any one help me ?

Thanks in advance...

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