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mcseoc -> Shutting Down 5.5 Q about Public folders (12.May2005 4:41:00 PM)

We have moved all of the exchange 5.5 mailboxes, migrated all users to the new AD Domain.

The public folders had replicas on both the 5.5 and E2k3 server. Using system manager I have been going into the properties of each Public Folder, replication, and removing the 5.5 replica.

Is this sufficient to move the public folders before shutting down the 5.5 server. I have gone through the steps in KB article 822450, however it referencess using the public folder migration tool. Seems unneccasary since all have rplicated to the 2k3 box.

Any advice or gotchas to watch out for are appreciated. Plan on shutting down the exchange server temporarily first before removing it from the site.

ScottyFryer -> RE: Shutting Down 5.5 Q about Public folders (12.May2005 4:45:00 PM)

Check the instances for the public folders on both servers and make sure the totals between the servers match up.

Were you able to do the Freebusy folder and OAB too?

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