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Agatha01 -> SMTP Relay in Exchange 2000 (23.Jun.2005 10:15:00 AM)

Hi All,
I currently have four exchange 2000 servers setup for my user. Server1 through server4.
These servers are all part of the sam routing groups. I have defined mailbox stores on all the servers. They have also been configured to allow all four servers to relay through each other.
My questions is why are some users on server4 trying to relay off server2.
How can I restrict users to relay from the server hosting their mailboxes?

rytmehans -> RE: SMTP Relay in Exchange 2000 (25.Jun.2005 4:18:00 PM)


From your post it is difficult to see why relaying should be enabled at all. Exchange servers don't relay as such. When you send an email to an internal user the server hosting your mailbox will forward the mail to the server hosting the recipients mailbox.

When you email an external recipient the server hosting your mailbox will either try to deliver directly to the internet or use a SMTP connector on another server if such a connector is configured.

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