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Gleger -> E2K for Web Discussion Forum (25.Jun.2000 12:27:00 PM)

We want to set up a web-based (not NNTP) threaded discussion type of forum
on a public Internet site (not within internal LAN), with two types of
discussion forums: a) forums for public but moderated discussions (content
would only appear after approval by an admistrator), and b) discussions
available only to small groups of registered users.


1. Will Ex2K be able for this? If so, are there URLs we can look at to see
how it looks? BTW, is this site using E2K?

2. If Ex2K is suitable for doing this (e.g., compared to products such as
Webboard or SiteScape), what is the best way to configure things, e.g.,
should we run the whole web site on it rather than on a separate IIS server,
will we need a separate AD controller and what design considerations should
we use, etc? Pointers to sections of relevant documentation for this would
be greatly appreciated.

3. Anybody know what the pricing implications would be in using Ex2K as a
public web platform?

Tanx in advance,

// Gerry

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