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drieille -> MSExchangeFBPublish eventID 8197 (5.Aug.2002 10:09:00 AM)

Hi all,

I just installed MS Exchange 2K with SP3 on a W2K SP2 machine with a DC and get every 25 minutes following message in the Event Viewer :

Source : MSExchangeFBPublish
Category : General
EventID : 8197

Error initializing session for virtual machine XXX. The error number is 0x8004011d. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running.

The MS Exchange Store IS runnging.

Any idea ?

Best regards

jmessina -> RE: MSExchangeFBPublish eventID 8197 (5.Aug.2002 12:13:00 PM)

here are a few causes . are you getting other errors?


drieille -> RE: MSExchangeFBPublish eventID 8197 (5.Aug.2002 2:32:00 PM)

Thanks, but I already checked this link...
No, I don't have any other special message...

DaDougInc -> RE: MSExchangeFBPublish eventID 8197 (7.Aug.2002 4:45:00 PM)

I assume that you checked out these articles as well:
Q271410 - XADM: Event ID 8197 Error Message in Event Viewer
Q316709 - XADM: Err Msg When Mounting Mailbox Store or Public Folder Store
Q282964 - XADM: You Cannot Log On to an Exchange 2000 Server Computer
Q266312 - XADM: DSAccess, FBPublish, and MTA Generate Errors 2064, 9098, 9

Be sure that user have permissions to the Public Folders (especially the Free/Busy Schedule system folder)
The IS is running, but are all the databases mounted properly?

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